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The Students of PS 11

with TA
Amira El-Behiri

Year 1 / 3rd Grade

Year 1
Kruti Patel 301
A House Called Tomorrow
Super Powers
It Takes a Pandemic
We Are Beautiful

This assignment was inspired by the poem "A House Called Tomorrow" by Alberto Ríos

For this assignment, rhyme scheme was demonstrated by the poem "The Tropics in New York" by Claude McKay

It takes a pandemic to...

This assignment was inspired by the poems My People and Let America Be America Again by Langston Hughes

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"We Can Make a House Called Tomorrow" Group Poem

We can make a house called tomorrow


A house that we can survive in

A house that can protect us (Pema)


A house filled with happiness smiles and laughter

We can make a house called tomorrow together (Carina)


A house that always has color

A house that gets hit by rainbows (Camila)


A nice blue sky and a blue sea 

just for me (Stacie)


Where fireflies light the sky

Crickets sing nearby

And gentle waves kiss the golden sands goodbye (Brianna)


It will have food

So you never get hungry (Raynaa)


There are many rooms that are happy

Some that are filled with toys (Mikaela)


A house where kids dance filled with joy (Nusrat)


In it will be two pairs of chairs 

A pet with a friend and food (Jessica)


A house full of laughter and fun

People playing out in the sun (Lojina)


And find reflections of ourselves 

in hearts both young and old (Kruti)


There will be birds with horns, called Enchanted and

they can turn things gold!

And the ground can become a trampoline! (Lhaze)


No more hunting, logging or mining

Let's make this new house clean

We can make a house called tomorrow

It can be more than just a dream (Liam)


When we wake up tomorrow 

I hope there is no sorrow (Inigo)


Bad people would be good

We live together and love each other (Christopher)


We will keep out bad people who want to hurt us

I know we can make tomorrow better (Vlad)

The earth will not be polluted (Ishak)


Where rainbows work like magic

Unicorns fly on rainbows (Kailin)


Everyone is cured. New world, new life.

Flying hoverboards. Happiness spreads positive vibes. (Dilasha)

The world I see is no illness and no violence 

There would be concerts that you don’t have to pay for

The world I see is a world with books, no darkness,

and there would be no wildfires (Julia)


Where people are happy and healthy

Everyone can see each other freely (Metin)


We could help the old people

We could share times with them

Because one day I will be old 

and I will like the people who treated me like this (Jeremy)


No one will be poor

But just in case we will help them out more

Helping each other to get through rough times

We will make the world shine (Anika)


A house that rains stars of hope for everyone 

We can make a house tomorrow for all the kids in the world (Isaiah)


I’ll make it indestructible so it doesn’t tear up

into pieces even if thunder hits it

it’ll reflect back into the sky (Tenzin)


It will be a place full of happiness

Everyone will have a big stuffed animal (Woeze)


I want a place where everyone can create anything

their dreams can imagine

A place where we are loved and respected

no matter what we look like or come from (Mason)


And if the entire town needs food or water, and even a home,

I will give it to them

To give a better tomorrow (Xan)


We’ll share varieties of wool all stacked together

With wondrous aromas piled up in the kitchen (Huey)


It would have easter eggs and rabbits from

my country (Evanzealina)


Where animals talk and buildings walk (Lhaksam)


It will look like a rock ‘cause it’s made with stone (Mihran)


We will hold each others hands

and walk with all our courage

Let your dreams take you on a journey

Don't think of things as they are but as they could be (Maiya)


No one will be harmed from evil, I say

But there is joy and laughter around

We can make a house called tomorrow

It will never fall down (Margauret)

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